The "real" Baby Harry

My husband recently informed me if I guided people to a blog about the real baby Harry...there would need to be one. A blog?... Yes, I agreed, he should write it soon as my hubby is an excellent writer. He should write the story, he knows it just as well as I do, but has skills.

What part of this writing business did he not understand? So here I am....writing the story.

Hang in there folks, it is a long and slightly complicated story about love and family connections. But here is the short version.

Families come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and ours is no different. Families can be made through birth, adoption, kinship and my favorite just choosing with your heart. "Heart Children" my friend Dorah calls this crazy bonding that comes and snatches your heart when least expected and wrecks you for the rest of your life. That is not necessarily a bad thing. Stay with me...

Our "heart" daughter D. came into our lives in 2013. through a hosting program for orphans from Eastern Europe. She was a whirlwind of a girl, a terrifying teen. We were stupid Americans who knew nothing of the ways of these mythical creatures...girl children, She spoke no English we did not speak her language. God bless google translate and the android tablet. For six weeks we formed this bond of a family, of love and of connection. In real time it looked like happy, sad, happy, sad, frustrated, happy, what are we doing, how did we get so stupid, happy etc. Just normal teen stuff. She returned home and later that year had a baby boy....let's call him Harry.

In the meantime, we adopted our son Kris from the same country. He was 16. The chances for our son were not good. He made a huge and life changing choice to be adopted by these crazy Americans.

Harry is real, but he represents all the children who may start out with less than perfect circumstance. Harry reminds me there is no time to waste, these kiddos are growing up an ocean away without families to love and teach them. Harry, reminds me of the grim statistics of orphans around the globe, children who will be sold into the sex trade and the high risk of suicide before age 21, of crime and addiction. He reminds me there is no time to waste, we need to help.

How does this have anything to do with coffee? We roast really awesome coffee here at Baby Harry Coffee. And we sell it. And we give some money to some great people who are already invested with boots on the ground in Eastern Europe running programs to help these kids. Our business is just a tool. It happens to be great fun and we make a great product....but imagine all the kids we can help if y'all drink tons of our coffee and tell your friends and so on like the old commercial.

So there it is in a nutshell. Thanks for being part of a much bigger picture!

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